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The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has grants available for Municipalities, Regional Districts, and First Nations communities of all sizes offering up to $50,000 for those looking to strengthen their asset management practices. For municipalities larger than 1000 people the grant covers 80% of project costs and for smaller communities under 1000 people the grant coverage increases, up to 90%.


This is a great time to get remote monitoring installed on your wastewater or stormwater system. SmartCover Systems remote monitoring system meets the asset management criteria for this grant. The project must be completed within 12 months of grant approval which makes an instant infrastructure project like SmartCover Systems a perfect candidate due to the easy, non-confined space entry installation of this product. Our installation services team can get numerous sites installed in a day.


Whether you are looking to safeguard against SSO events, reduce high-frequency cleaning to preserve pipe assets, monitor H2S levels in the sanitary that contribute to corrosion, or conduct an I&I study the versatile product can assist providing 24/7 visibility through a secure cloud-based portal or the new mobile app!


To learn more about this FCM grant that is open now click here:


To learn more about SmartCover Systems and how it is already being used by municipalities across BC reach out to us as

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