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Who’s In Your System?

Standard with all SmartCover units or available as a standalone infrastructure entry alarm system; SmartCover gives you the ability to detect the authorized or unauthorized opening of manholes and utility vaults in real-time. This visibility provides a powerful tool to combat illegal dumping, vandalism, theft, and other security issues.

For use with sewer, water, or stormwater manholes, utility vaults, and other lid or manhole accessed spaces. Our tamper trigger immediately informs staff when authorized or unauthorized entry is happening — a real-time alarm is transmitted to field staff who are then able to take appropriate action.

Entry Detection

  • Built-in tilt switch for real-time tracking

  • Action notifications

  • Detect unauthorized dumping

  • Reduce operational risk

  • Asset protection at critical sites

  • Verify fieldwork execution

  • Know when and where system access has occurred

  • Get ahead of potential problems

  • Monitor and protect remote locations


The technology is adaptable and can be used for multiple applications under a variety of conditions.

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Cable Vault Security

  • Critical Site Asset Protection

  • Remote Site Protection

  • Field Work Verification

  • Perimeter Protection

  • Unauthorized Dumping Detection

  • Border Monitoring

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