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Inflow & Infiltration

Tracking down locations in the collection system where high levels of Inflow and/or Infiltration is occurring is a high priority to utilities across the province.  To get results the focus needs to shift from endless I&I studies to an I&I program that can produce tangible results.  Our solution is easy to deploy, requires no confined space entry to install, and integrates precipitation and temperature data without requiring physical rain gauges.  Utilizing the level & flow data and precipitation the machine learning tools built-in automatically identify areas with the highest levels of I&I.  Once focused areas are determined by SmartCover; CCTV inspection, smoke testing, or other preferred methods can be used to determine the cause.

SSO Prevention & Reducing High Frequency Cleaning

Sewer blockages due to Fats, Roots, Oils, Grease (FROG's) are the leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows (SSO's) across Canada.  The historical method to address this is a calendar-based approach to high-frequency cleaning.  This method results in pipe segments often being cleaned far too frequently adding costs to maintenance programs, is highly labour intensive, causes traffic disruption in busier traffic areas,  and can cause premature wear of pipes.  SmartTrend utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically find locations where build-ups are beginning to occur allowing utilities to replace the calendar with a data-driven approach.  This proven technology lowers costs and risk to the utility and its staff with the added benefit of 24/7 monitoring to prevent SSO's.   

Remote H2S Monitoring & Real-Time High-Level Alarms

Bioreactions within a collection system generate Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) causing odors that can be strong, persistent, and a nuisance to employees, residents, community leaders, and businesses located near manholes where higher levels of H2S are present.  H2Scents sensors from SmartCover allow for remote monitoring of H2S levels to assist utilities to be proactive with odour complaints, optimize chemical dosing programs, and reduce corrosion of pipes.

Combined Sewer Overflow Monitoring

Municipalities that still have sections of their collection system as a combined sewer continue to toil with the issue of combined sewer overflows. While separating the sanitary and storm system is planned for all remaining combined sewers in the province this a very costly undertaking that will take 30+ years to achieve.  In the meantime utilizing SmartCover's remote monitoring solution seamlessly provides a traceable record for the number of events, duration, and total volume.  Integrated precipitation information gives a comprehensive "cause & effect" system view.​

Off-The-Grid Lift Station Monitoring

Redundancy to protect your critical assets.  SmartCover's remote monitoring solution requires no access to power, telemetry networks, or even cell communication to function.  Utilizing highly superior Iridium satellite-based communications remote monitoring can be done anywhere on the planet even your most remote infrastructure.  With this instant infrastructure, you have peace of mind that this off-the-grid remote monitoring solution will alert you to rising levels in the event of an issue allowing you to triage your response to an issue or natural disaster based on real-time data.

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