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Pressure Monitoring Remote Assets

Some locations in your infrastructure would benefit from pressure monitoring but the cost to run power or telemetry is cost-prohibitive.  SmartCover's instant infrastructure is the easy solution to this problem and with its Iridium satellite communications it doesn't matter how remote this infrastructure is communication back via the cloud is simple to achieve.  Forcemains, PRV stations, storage tanks, pipelines, and really any asset where you require pressure monitoring we have the solution.

Leak Detection and Water Conservation

Leaks can go undetected in a potable water system for extended periods of time costing money and wasting precious water.  With our solution simply set high level and low level alarms to know exactly what's happening in your system.  High level alarms could indicate issues with a PRV upstream sending higher than expected pressure downstream.  Low-level alarms typically are indicative of a leak that is occurring in the pipe segment.  Stay on top of this with an easy to deploy cloud based system.

Pipeline Monitoring

Remotely monitor any pipeline or storage tank in even the most remote locations.  SmartCover's Iridium satellite communications allow for the same real-time monitoring whether the location to be monitored is rural or urban.

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