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Portable Battery Powered Valve Actuator/Exerciser

3S Portable Valve Actuator - Key Features:

Lightweight Actuator 5.3kg (11.7lb) / (27lbs including stand)

Single Person Operation

Powered with a Longlife Rechargeable Battery  - Full Day of Valve Exercising/Maintenance on a single charge

Ability to adjust closing/opening speeds throughout valve operation

Calm Network operation to prevent transients - no vibration to valve/pipes

Collects condition data on the operation of each valve - records torque and number of turns for each valve

Fraction of the cost of truck-mounted valve exerciser

Actuating valves with a peak torque of up to 900 Nm (664 ft-lb).  Or with optional torque booster increases max torque to 1800Nm (1327 ft-lb)

Battery Powered Valve Exerciser / Actuator

Portable Actuator Usage

Portable Actuator Product Sheet

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