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Combined Sewer Overflow Monitoring

Municipalities that still have sections of their collection system that are a combined sewer continue to toil with the issue of combined sewer overflows. While separating the sanitary and stormwater systems is planned for all remaining combined sewers in the province; this a very costly undertaking that will take 30+ years to achieve.  In the meantime, utilizing SmartCover's remote monitoring solution seamlessly provides a traceable record for the number of, start/stop time, duration, and total volume of CSO events.  Integrated precipitation information gives a comprehensive "cause & effect" system view.​

CSO event.png

Example of combined sewer overflow event. Start time, stop time, duration, overflow volume and automatic real-time notification

CSO event_rain_overlay.png

Example of response of combined sewer structure to local rain event

Legacy Sewer System.png
Photo Credit: City of Burnaby
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